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   CUSTOM MUG @ $99.00 (US)     x Quantity

   CELEBRITY MUG @ $49.00 (US) x Quantity

   STOCK MUG  @ $24.50 (US)         x Quantity

      Shipping (1st mug)   $9.00  (Ea. addt'l mug  $5.00)             

4) Payment method

    Visa  M/C  PayPalCheck Money Order

Make checks / MO payable to "Professional Muggers"

Provide the following info via phone or Fax to 530.644-1496 along with your submitted order form and photos. DO NOT Email charge info!!

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6)Forward your order form, photos and payment to :

   Professional Muggers
   P O Box 327
   Somerset, CA  95684    530 644-1496   Fax 530 644-1496

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