Frequently Asked Questions  
1) How big are the mugs?
     The Customs are approximately 61/2-7 in (15-18 cm) tall and 3-4 in (8-10 cm)  dia.,.holding about 18-24 fl. ounces (.5-.8 lt). We choose  the largest cylinders  for the Customs and the smaller ones for the Celebrities and Stock mugs.
2) Can you use the mugs?
     Yes for hot or cold drinks or frosting in the fridge! They are lead free.
3) Are they dishwasher / microwave safe?
     Not recommended. Hand wash and avoid the microwave, as you would for any fine china.
4) Do you have other glaze colors besides Beer Bottle Brown?
     Not yet.
5) How do I order a Custom Mug?
     Fill out the custom order form and enclose a check, money order (in US  Dollars) or call / fax 530 644-1496 with your charge and email / send 2-3 photos of each subject. Allow 6 weeks for delivery.  Or shop online and Order Here.  You'll still have to email the images separately!
6) What kind of photos should I send?     
     We need at  least  2-3 photos showing a front faced (both ears show) &  profile (side) views, with the face larger than 1in. dia. (2.5cm.). Color please!
     Email images must be
           A- in .jpg or jpeg format
           B- no larger than 560x560 pixels
           C- must be named with the name of the orderer       (example:  churchill1.jpg )
8) How long does my order take?
     5-6 weeks (except international) from your order / postmark date. Sometimes they can be completed faster but usually not between Oct 1st  and Jan 25th.
10) What if I or the recipient doesn't like the mug?
     Sorry for your dissatisfaction!  Unfortunately due to the CUSTOM nature of our work we cannot refund.  However, as a service to our customers we can often re-sculpt your order, provided you've met our photo  criteria. (We can't sculpt what we can't see!!)   Please see our Return Policy
11) More Questions ??
     Contact us
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