Portrait Sculpture 

                           by  Elisabeth Eileen Churchill



I have been sculpting faces from photos for 30+ years in our gift ware business. This experience has given me a solid foundation to understand the soft tissue changes of the different sexes, ages, and races of people as well as command of essential expression to give them life. Generally I am self-taught with the exception of 3 workshops with renowned sculptor Phillippe Faraut. 

HydrostoneLarger image               

The portrait sculptures presented here are rendered from personal sittings. The work is available in the following materials and finishes.

  • Clay - fired earthenware w/ finish

  • Hydrostone - molded and cast gypsum w/ finish

  • Polyurethane- molded and cast synthetic with metallic surface w/ patina

  • Bronze- molded lost wax cast in bronze w/ patina

          Larger image Hydrostone w/ Bronze finish


These quality sculptures, when in their earthenware or bronze form are hollow, therefore, they are suitable as  the perfect CREMATION URN.  This choice should be made at the inception, so a bottom enclosure can be created in the sculpture.       Earthenware

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