Forensic Skullpture 

                           by  Elisabeth Eileen Churchill



I have been sculpting faces from photos for 29 years in our gift ware business. This experience has given me a solid foundation to understand the soft tissue changes of the different sexes, ages, and races of people.  I am self-taught with the exception of  2 courses with renowned Forensic Artist,  Betty Pat Gatliff and 4 workshops with Master sculptor Phillippe Faraut.

 I understand the evidence, security and chain of custody issues with forensic cases as well as the necessity to details in Coroner's M.E., Anthropologist and Dental reports.  I am aware of the expedience required, therefore I use wigs and clothing as may be indicated in the associated reports. I try to complete the case in 2 weeks. For this application I sculpt out the cleaned skull, using the western tissue marker method. I am also trained in the alternate method of muscle to skin. . I am able to reconstruct and place the mandible and other skull deficiencies, if


necessary.  All DNA testing must  be complete.

For each case, I create the face in two styles (with teeth showing and without) and provide 3 digital photographic views of each. I am also experienced in sculpting full busts for casting in bronze or other museum display applications.

Business and personal references are available.


   Final comparison photos available upon request, due to copyright.

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