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Beginning and Intermediate Pottery



Class Schedule

This 5 week course will cover the basic clay skills of pinch, slab, coil, and wheel forming. We will also cover modeling methods and decoration styles. The class will concentrate on the completion of two projects from beginning hand forming to finish firing. The firing costs of two (2) projects are included in the course. Additional firing may be arranged on a .02 cents per cu. in. basis.

Week 1

Introduction to pottery, clays and glazes, the definitions of earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain, low and high firings with samples. We will cover the syllabus. Introduce and demonstrate the earliest pottery methods of pinch, slab and coil pots small and large as well as the issue of lead. This class covers the basic principles of score and slip, to attach together pieces of clay successfully to form a larger more complex piece.

Week 2

Introduction and demonstration of wheel thrown method. Class will begin to throw on the wheel one by one. During each students' wheel efforts the rest of the class will finish project 1.

Project 1 is due for drying and bisque firing.

Week 3

Wheel throwing continues until each student has had a chance and has saved a piece. I will cover greenware decoration methods using engobes with sgraffito and the bag trailing method.

Week 4

We will finish project 2, ready to be bisqed. I will cover stain and glaze techniques on bisque (project 1) and the students will apply them to their work. Displaying the finished projects will be covered.

Week 5

This is a final where the finished projects are identified and displayed in an art show setting of the students' creation. Each student will be asked to explain the manufacture method and decoration techniques of their works to the class. County Fair entry applications will be available to interested students. Refreshments will be served. 


Course Prices

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School per student $75

Private per student $99



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